v33.1: Black Nickel Schmilblick

Minor release issued on June 19th, 2018.

New features focus

User Page

Bulk Create

While creating a bunch of users, you can now add permissions, groups, and expiration date to the users you are creating.

Below is an example of the template to use to create multiple users. See the doc for more info.



Search groups

We have enhanced the admin experience while adding groups to a user. You can now search existing groups of users from the dropdown menu. Enjoy!



Other New Features

New Features

  • Postprocess config can contain comments using field comment
  • Demo app’s preprocess is now triggerred at each deploy
  • Optional Parameters Forms
  • Add lazyload option to new horizontal barchart
  • Tc Sheet
  • Add permissions and role to users bulk creation
  • Data store explorer in tc sheet
  • Filters Position Image
  • Add unfilteredDomain option to mapchart zones
  • Dropdown checkbox searchable


  • Shipping :: fixed issues with node_modules installation
  • Users Permissions Legend
  • Studio tab title
  • Tile leaderboard avoid button sort evolution
  • Apply Filter to Data Query
  • Units Editor written in another column
  • Charts Selection Doc URL
  • Modify bulk create indication message