v36.2.0: Unrejoicing Butterwort

Major release issued on August 22nd, 2018. 🌑 Toucan studio v2 is out! 🌑

Breaking changes


Breaking Change : Toucan studio layout has been reshaped, custom css may be impacted

Bug fixes

  • Charts
  • tablechart bullet is now displayed properly
  • heatmap legend colors are now coherent with the chart color

New features

  • Charts
  • Add hideEmptyGroups option to barline chart
  • Studio
  • The edit mode has been merged with the statging mode
  • The Stories Editor now has Two Panels (and a switch between story and data parameters)
  • New studio toolbar (at the bottom, containing Data, Theme and other tabs)
  • Improve Data request sandbox to use template parser
  • Improve style of chapters title edition
  • When editing a chart you can switch from a UI to a code editor
  • UX
  • Improvement of the story layout (consistency of graph, filters,… positioning)
  • Improvement of the recommendation layout