v55.0.0: Virtuoso Questionless Baya

Weekly release issued on October 9th, 2019.


Clickable scorecard labels

Increase interactivity with your end-users by making scorecard labels clickable 🌐. We will detect if the label looks like an url and display it clearly for your end-users.



The language picker is now not displayed when there is only one language available. We detect the language of the browser to preselect the default language for end-users 🗣️


Desktop app

Toucan Toco is a web application that can now be installed on your desktop iOS directly from chrome! Just click on the + sign when suggested to add Toucan Toco directly on your desktop or on your dock 🔥


New features

Data Storytellers

  • General :: Permissions :: import/export permissions
  • General :: Permissions :: New upload tile for permissions_config.cson in the config files editor page
  • Data :: VQB :: Integration of the feature, it is not deployed automatically, you should contact us to activate this on your platform
  • Data :: Add pagination on route /data
  • General :: Language picker detect navigator language
  • Charts :: Scorecard :: magically link URLs in labels


  • Login :: User using the same reset password link twice receive a specific error message

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • Data :: VQB :: Fetch data from staging
  • General :: Visibilities based on app requesters should not trigger warnings
  • General :: Forms :: Remove bold for checkbox list label


  • General :: Update search text in Small App Store
  • Chart :: Leaderboard :: With drill should display all drill bars
  • Chart :: Linechart :: Fix display to have a 100% width
  • General :: Date requester :: Panel should use all screen width on mobile

New documentation available

  • Charts :: Timeline :: customize date format
  • Data :: add multiple date format