Weekly release issued on Wednesday 5th, 2022.



🆕 Our New Circular chart is out 🆕 circular chart

YouPrep™ : Pagination

We decided to paginate all the interfaces showing data preview: datasources, view dataset in the data explorer (live data, prepared datasets, flat files), tile/story/requester query edition, connectors queries. Those interface will:

  • Show data by slices of 50 rows
  • Display the row range (eg: 1 to 50, 51 to 100) and the total number of rows
  • not display any message that looks like an error or a warning
pagination YouPrep

pagination YouPrep

YouPrep™ : Configurable preview subset

It is now possible to set the number of “first” rows on which a computation will be applied when working on prepared datasets.

configurable YouPrep

configurable YouPrep

YouPrep™ : Simplify filtering on date

A flexible and no code date selection experience using:

  • Relative dates
  • Fixed dates The combination of the two above, specifically to create date ranges… with dedicated operators displayed when selecting a date column.
filtering date YouPrep

filtering date YouPrep

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Charts :: Linechart :: Events always display
  • Charts :: Tablechart :: Automatic generation of columns in tablechart
  • End Users :: Add translation in french at many places (Home >> Accueil, Send >> Envoyer…)
  • End Users :: Switch button to see the dataset used in a chart
  • Charts :: Add sentiments widgets in charts (same as precision / units)
  • Groups :: Groups with Privileges
  • YouPrep™ :: Paginated Data Interfaces
  • AnyConnect™ :: Add pagination to preview
  • Permissions :: Paginate the data preview
  • Trial :: Charts :: Enable hkpi in trial

Bug fixes


  • Navigation :: Correctly update the view value in the url
  • Charts :: Enable hkpi edition when editing a blank story
  • Charts :: Linechart :: Colors when using integer indices
  • Charts :: Stackedbarchart :: Set crossfilter on chart init
  • Embed :: Support tiles with a date range filter
  • App Builder :: Impersonate (view as) feature is not displaying all group


V 97.0.1

[TCTC-1608] : Precision and units is not applied anymore for the $ templating (ex: <$= my_dataset.value $>)

V 97.0.2

[TCTC-1296] : HKPI : Allow edition of first HKPI in edition mode [TCTC-1296] : Tablechart : Handle sorting column with null values [TCTC-1654] : Linechart events are displayed properly [TCTC-1482] : My Favorites : Apply the report and date requester selection into my favorites [TCTC-1485] : PDF report : display formated date requester

V 97.0.3

[TCTC-1583] Circularchart : Labels displayed on the circularchart are cropped only when needed

V 97.0.4

[TCTC-1584] : Circularchart : set a maximum level of drill (4 levels) [TCTC-1658] Specifier: Advanced units not working with “has multiple columns”