Weekly release issued on July 3rd, 2020.


Autocomplete for filters & requesters in the pdf report (ex-execSum)

No need to remember the different values of your filters and requesters. Just select the value you wish to set your story on from the dropdown menu. Easy as abc 🧸 !

Auto complete gridviews

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Scheduler :: Notifications :: Hide “Scheduled Task Failed” in the “send email notification” dropdown
  • Filters :: Add information to setup default options in filters form builder
  • Charts :: Tablechart :: Add data-serie-label for color selection
  • PDF report :: Add autocomplete to filters and requesters form fields
  • Embed :: Tiles :: Allow tiles embed


  • UX :: Requesters :: Optimize container width by adding min-width or fitting widest
  • Charts :: Harmonize zeroBaseline behavior and schema
  • Notifications :: Allow to add custom email templates in all categories
  • Charts :: Linechart :: Always show linechart dot when an event is available
  • Charts :: Linechart :: Precisions will be visible when values are shown on the chart

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • Notifications :: Prevent faulty saves of custom emails
  • Scheduler :: “All users” should not be checked when the option is false
  • PDF report :: Linechart :: Fix multiple lines chart display
  • Permissions :: Keep groups name case
  • Tiles :: VQB :: Tile editor should display error message from vqb
  • UX :: Fix ViewAs dropdown header style when internet is slow
  • General :: Templating :: Pass all variables from allState
  • Home :: Requester :: Fix tooltip in form builder for default selected view
  • Analytics :: Send only the name property of the group object to analytics providers
  • Glossary :: Fix term selection on edition
  • Analytics :: Fix the last three months date requester selection


  • Charts :: Tablechart :: Update bullet cell in table chart when filtering rows
  • Charts :: Tablechart :: Reduce row heights
  • Charts :: ScoreCard :: Fix tab freeze with duplicated labels
  • Signup :: Correct number of steps displayed and trembling hover effect
  • Signup :: Hide dots when there is only one step
  • Additional panel :: Chat :: Remove the possibility to resize comment textarea
  • Annotate and share :: Fix bad offset when drawing on the annotate and share screenshot
  • Charts :: Linechart :: Display event correctly on safari

New documentation available

  • Permissions :: Update the doc (release of new version)
  • Sysadmin :: Add details to the FAQ
  • Charts :: Fix stacked barchart broken links
  • Fix :: Many broken links
  • Charts :: Html :: Add video for embed video
  • Charts :: Waterfall :: Fix broken links
  • Tiles :: Image :: Add note on image size
  • How to :: PDF report :: Add collaboration warning
  • Demo App :: Add story for barlinechart’s xLegend and yLegend options
  • Demo App :: Remove legacy linechart examples from demo and templates
  • Demo App :: Fix home tile so stars don’t overflow
  • Demo App :: Remove unstackable option examples


  • Tucana v69.0.5:
    • fix(tile-value): do not animate between two values of different types
  • Tucana v69.0.4:
    • fix(charts): allow having 0 as x and y coordinates of quadrant in bubblechart
    • fix(permission): permission editor tolerate undefined conditions
  • Tucana v69.0.3:
    • fix(charts): linechart keep custom x order with missing values
  • Tucana v69.0.1:
    • fix(charts): tablechart allow to override cols width