Weekly release issued on October 14th, 2020.


MS Teams integration

Data needs to be available when and where decisions are made. In today’s widely remote work situation, we realize that most of our daily routine is around corporate collaborative tools such as MS Teams, Slack or Skype. So we decided to integrate Toucan Toco into MS Teams to ease conversation about data 🗣️.

With this MS Teams integration we boos your collaborative experience with Toucan by integrating the following feature :

  • Annotate and share in Teams
  • Chat in Teams

Stay tuned, more is coming 🔥

Share in Teams
Teams thread

MongoDB upgrade from 4.0 to 4.2

For on-premises customers only:


We migrate the MongoDB backend from 4.0 to 4.2. If you manage yourself the MongoDB installation and configuration please refer to the official documentation to upgrade your backend.

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Charts :: Mapchart :: manage sentiments for markers
  • UX :: Studio :: highlight chart editor tab when a domain is selected


  • Export :: Annotate and share :: allow chart selection sharing for barline chart
  • Export :: Annotate and share :: allow chart selection sharing for stackedbar chart
  • Export :: Annotate and share :: allow chart selection sharing for bar chart
  • Collaboration :: MS Teams :: share comments
  • Collaboration :: MS Teams :: add comment to ms teams annotate and share export
  • Collaboration :: MS Teams :: add link on comment to find it in teams
  • Collaboration :: MS Teams :: add loader while the list of channels is loading

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • UX :: Data explorer :: fix a height issue of the data table in the permissions editor, which prevented to see last rows
  • UX :: Data explorer :: fix a height and overflow issue of the panels in the VQB component, which was hiding the pagination
  • Home :: Home actions :: prevent datawall edition button from opening preview when clicking on edition


  • UX :: Add to home screen :: add safety area margins on iOs
  • Charts :: Radarchart :: fix cropping issues on bottom labels and values
  • Home :: Home actions :: hide expanded menu when there are no options in it


  • Tucana v77.0.8:
    • fix(theme-colors): use getters.theme to get colors in map/barline
  • Laputa v77.0.2:
    • fix(prepared datasets): process only once their source domains are loaded in database
  • Laputa v77.0.1:
    • fix(sso): make access token auth_method configurable

Self-Hosted Breaking changes


The MongoDB backend migrates from 4.0 to 4.2

Please refer to the official documentation your Toucan Toco stack.

If you a use docker-compose stack, you only need to update the version of the MongoDB image and as an admin of the service, just launch:

    setFeatureCompatibilityVersion: '4.2'