v30.0.0: Lily Hen Silver

Major release issued on May 23rd, 2018.

This week focus has been on making it easier to feed Toucan apps with data. As always, your feedback is very important to us, share your thoughts with us and don’t forget discourse to notify us of a bug or to ask your questions about the product. Enjoy your reading!

New feature: Data pipeline information

During a data preprocessing operation you now have access to new information:

  • Elapsed time since operation start
  • Last operation duration
  • Estimation of remaining time to completion

Other features

Data :: We made it easier to read files with special characters Charts :: Add labelsOrder option to the horizontal-barchart Feature :: Bubblechart color parameter can be a category

Breaking changes

This release includes breaking change so make sure that your front and back versions are in sync!

Warning: data pipeline operations

We’re working to improve the data pipeline operations. More about this soon!

One of the consequence is that you won’t be able to have input and output domains with the same id. If you are in this case you will see a warning during the week to come, please take the time to adjust your pipeline during this time.

After two weeks same ids for input and output domains will not be supported anymore. Pipelines will fail if you still have input and output domains sharing the same id. Feel free to contact us on our forum shall you enconter any issue during this migration.