v36.0.0: Cyan Bengal Potassium

Major release issued on August 10th, 2018. You’re relaxing on the beach, Toucan is still improving 🍹🏖️☀️

New features focus

ExecSum directly in your mail box


Breaking Change : New behaviour !

You won’t have to wait while the execSum is being generated, it will be waiting for you in your emails. Easier for mobile and tablet use :)

Keep crossfilter values in memory

Now when you share your screen to a colleague, it will remembers the date you selected. Much better to discuss a data point!

Detailed features and fixes

New Features

  • Feature :: Dashboard-kpis - Add different click-zone depending on widget-type


  • Fix :: Horizontal barchart: the first label is the one expanding when arriving on the screen

… And lots of cool stuff on the backend that only our tech team understands :)