v59.0.0: Rainy Biking Bird

Weekly release issued on December 12th, 2019.

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Templates :: New small app can be created from a template
  • Visual query builder :: Manage datasets combinations
  • Visual query builder :: Improve warning messages
  • Studio :: dataset date property accept an array of objects (to allow multiple date columns)


  • Charts :: Add the new leaderboard centered average (alpha) to usable charts (in code mode)
  • Charts :: Bullet chart (new) :: targets are aligned by default

System administrators

  • Analytics :: allow pre-configuration of analytics secrets in the config.yml file
  • Front-end logging :: logs are stored in window.__tctc__.logs and are not displayed in the console by default

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • Requesters :: Avoid displaying “undefined” in granular dropdown values with a description
  • Data explorer :: Fix a scrolling issue in Firefox
  • Requesters :: A default view can be specified when the requester is hierarchical, using the syntax grandParentView>>parentView>>view
  • Studio :: Better wording for new subchapter


  • Charts :: New leaderboard centered average :: prevent variation to overflow on two lines
  • Charts :: Tablechart :: in value columns, empty values are displayed with a hyphen, like in any other chart (and not NanN)
  • Charts :: Mapchart :: prevent filtered out zones to appear