Weekly release issued on October 28th, 2021.


New Demo Application

Toucan is thrilled to announce the release of the New Demo Application 💁 This app will be available on every platform, and will replace the one you already know. In this brand new app, you’ll find:

All the tiles you can create and their options right on the Home screen A huge panel of charts and ideas: drill, crossfilter and awesome creations to give you inspiration 📊 A new chapter on YouPrep, our Visual Query Builder Tool, with its documentation and examples in staging mode Tips and tricks to create your app and handle data The whole app was reworked and you won’t find code mode anymore 🎉

Home: New Tile Value

We have created a new dynamic value tile that displays one KPI with multiple color codes and variations 🚥. This tile is the best to give you instant insights.

🚀 Its configuration is easier and simpler than ever!

Dashboard Builder: New Dashboard Filters

In this release, we’ve added 2 global filters for all the dashboards: checkboxes & date range

Simplified Date Selector Configuration

We have revamped our Date Selector configuration: you won’t need to use datasets and the “click-button” interface to configure period granularity, date visibility and even customizable date range presets

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Charts :: Mapchart :: Min zoom
  • Studio :: change precision specifier default to float values (
  • Embed :: Dashboard Builder :: Add vqb live queries support

Bug fixes


  • Charts :: Barelinechart :: fix barlinechart crossfilter
  • Charts :: Stackedbarchart :: fix no line label in legend
  • Embed :: Dashboard Builder :: Apply visibility of categories on tiles