Weekly release issued on November 19th, 2020.


Encrypted fields in the database

Following the release of a new way to authorize data with connectors (with OAuth2), we added encryption in the applicative database for sensitive fields like tokens and client_secrets. As an administrator, running Toucan Toco on-premise, you now must provide a `TOUCAN_DB_ENCRYPTION_SECRET <https://docs.toucantoco.com/sysadmin/03-configuration.html#toucan-db-encryption-secret>`__ before running the app. An error will show if not provided, preventing it to start. Choose a strong one! and keep it secret ;)

New features

Data Storytellers

  • PDF Report :: Show that the report will be used as title in complete execsum
  • Data :: Connectors :: New and revamp google sheet connector
  • Data :: Connectors :: Create data connectors at the platform level
  • Theme :: White Label :: (Paid option) Allow for white labeling of an application

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • Chart :: Funnel :: Handle case when configuration is “in construction”
  • Requesters :: Fix datasets viewer scroll issue
  • Data :: Query :: Fix df_max_cells error messages


  • PDF Report :: Fix pagination numbers and pagination with table of content
  • Charts :: Waterfall :: Fix missing hkpi
  • Charts :: Bubble chart :: Fix icons Legend
  • Charts :: Gantt :: Fix event range position
  • Presentation mode :: Should be enabled by default
  • Charts :: Leaderboard :: Fix additional values legend position
  • Home :: Send by PDF :: Fix home requester length the home preview
  • Charts :: HTML :: Fix data templating display

New documentation available

  • Tuto :: Glossary :: Add a mention about traduction
  • Data :: Add credentials interface documentation