Weekly release issued on September 17th, 2020

Highlights & breaking changes

Google Analytics

We removed all dependencies to Google Analytics for the analytics apps. All analytics app to follow your app usage should be linked to Mixpanel data provider.

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Requesters :: Clean story requesters when leaving the story
  • Home :: Tiles :: Edit new tiles on add
  • Studio :: Improve widget label icon tooltip
  • Charts :: Mapchart :: Custom color thresholds
  • Embed :: Enhance embed dashboard
  • Embed :: Add upper filter in tc story
  • Home :: Requesters :: Open requester editor when adding requester
  • Data :: VQB :: Release variables UI in the visual query builder
  • Tiles :: PDF :: Allow the app-builder to select a pdf from assets, an external link or a templated string (like tile-image)
  • Charts :: Waterfall :: Allow a app-builder to setup a default selection on the waterfall


  • Charts :: Barchart :: Set a max width to bars

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • PDF Report :: Fix to be more resilient
  • PDR Report :: Align header elements horizontally in config mode
  • Embed :: Fix tile custom styles
  • Notifications :: Fix welcome platform preview
  • Studio :: VQB :: Fix advanced variable editor space


  • Charts :: Gantt :: Add tooltip anchor
  • Charts :: Stackedbarchart :: Fix outer left padding on mobile

New documentation available

  • Demo App :: Sort charts chapters alphabetically


  • Tucana v74.2.11:
    • fix(tablechart): allow to sort/search on bullet column
    • fix(schema): allow templated string evaluating to number
    • fix(linechart): allow templated string in domain array
  • Tucana v74.2.9:
    • fix(radar): remove forced parallel display when too many axis
    • fix(bubble): restore behavior to make the legend transparent on click
    • chore(studio): confirm sheet close when unsaved changes are present
  • Laputa v74.2.5:
    • fix(analytics): remove “privileges” attribute from augment
  • Laputa v74.2.4:
    • fix(analytics): privileges field should be present