v44.0.0: Samya Yellow Goodbye

Major release issued on January 8st, 2019

For onpremise customers who need to upgrade their stack only


Because all the shipping scripts have been rewritten, you will need to reset your configuration file by adapting your current settings with the new option names. Just take the new configuration file in laputa/shipping/group_vars/production and fill up with your usual settings

Breaking changes


Breaking Change: New user role: validator. A validator can access staging mode to check the application before it’s released. However, he is not able to edit the application.

New features

  • Studio:
    • Polishing Studio UI
    • Auto-save chart parameters
    • Better form labels in some chart parameters
  • UX:
    • Rename dashboard to home in menu
    • New style for story links (buttons)
    • Checkboxes filter :: improve readability

Bug Fixes

  • Studio
    • Rename data explore into data explorer
    • Autocomplete on columns name in metas editor and filters editor
  • Charts
    • Bullet chart packs name capitalization
    • Landscape mode on leaderboard centered average
    • Horizontal barchart compute available space for label
    • Leaderboard Centered Average Mobile Meta
    • Leaderboard Centered Average Mobile: bar width
  • Application
    • No data error overlay
    • Config validation
  • Shipping
    • Various Docker fixes