How to configure the Microsoft Teams Integration


Toucan has an official Microsoft Teams app integration available on the store to notify you with your data.


This documentation is not applicable to self-hosted platforms (aka. on premise), use this page instead.

Add the Toucan app to your Teams

Adding the application to your team should be straightforward and not take more than a few clicks:

  • In your teams, open the Apps at the bottom of the left side
  • Using the search bar, look for Toucan Toco
  • Click on the Toucan Toco app find-in-store
  • Then click on the Add to a team button, use the search bar to look for the team you want to add the bot to and confirm using the Set up a bot button

Register your Teams organization in Toucan

If the step above has been done successfully, you should have received one of these two messages from the Toucan Toco bot:

If we did not register your Teams organization yet, our support team will need to do it for you. This happens when it is your first time installing Toucan to Teams (note that this is not enabled by default as the Teams integration is a paid feature): welcome-to-toucan

  • Click the Contact Toucan Toco support, in your message, please add the link to your team: Click on the three dots next to your team name and then the Get link to team button and copy that link. get-link-to-team

If your Teams is already registered by Toucan, you should be good to go ! welcome-to-toucan-successful

What can the bot do

You can send Toucan stories directly into your Teams and set up alerts with triggers based on your data.

For more information about the bot commands themselves, you can use the @Toucan Toco help command in your Teams channel

Adding a Teams tab to a channel or group

It is possible to configure a Toucan Toco Teams tab in a channel or a group, where a user can see its channel data.

If you are interested in this feature, please contact us, we will need to change your instance configuration for it to work.