How to :: customize the additional panel


This is only available while editing the front config in code mode.


At Toucan we believe in sharing more than data, we share stories. Stories need content and explanation.

Good stories push you to take action! So let’s discover the additional panel that you can customize for your users to enhance their data storytelling experience.

This panel is available from the right hand side of the application, both on mobile and desktop.


Setup a default tab

When you open the additional panel, you will see multiple tabs (Glossary, Data, etc)

You can customize which tab will be the default opened tab with the option defaultSettingsTab in the front_config:

  defaultSettingsTab: 'glossary'  # can be "glossary", "filters", "share" or "comment"


You can specify a glossary for each story from the story edition menu.

Learn more about it right here.


Sharing is caring 👐 In this tab, you are enabling the full power of Toucan. We are a media made for action.

Each user has the possibility to share the insights accessible in Toucan Toco to anyone!

With this Share tab you can reach anyone inside and outside your organization and provide meaningful data visualization 🌐.

To add the share tab ✅, please add:

  sharingOptions: true

Once the Share panel is added, you can activate or deactivate options.

Annotate and share

This option allows your user to annotate a screenshot of a chart (without the header giving some context about the current report/date) ✍️ and share it to any email address with a custom message ✉️.

annotate and share
✅ Activate annotate and share

In the front_config.cson you can manually activate the annotate and share :

  captureChartEnabled: true

Export data

This will allow your user to download the data used in your viz 🔢. It will match the result of your query.

🚫 Deactivate csv export

In the front_config.cson you can manually deactivate the csv export :

  exportCSVDisabled: true

Embed story

What if you could insert a Toucan viz anywhere, yes anywhere… 🔥 As easy as a pie with our Embed option.

This option generates a link to insert anywhere 🔗.

Learn more about our embedded analytics offer.


Send by email

With this option the user is sending an export of the story. It corresponds to the current state of the story, with current filters and requesters selections…) ✉️.

✅ Activate send by email

In the front_config.cson you can manually activate the send by email :

  slidePdfEnabled: true


The comment tab offers your users a real chat made for action 💬.

For each story, users can exchange on what is displayed on the screen.

All comments are tied up to report and date selection if configured.

To notify a user, simply type his/her username (usually the email address) before your message.

New comments will appear in the notification menu 🔔. Users will be notified on the home, and by clicking on the link displayed, they will be automatically redirected to the commented story.

Note that a user can’t delete its own message, only an admin can delete messages.

To add the comment tab ✅, please add:

  comments: true

Share the home page

Not only the stories but also the home page can be shared!

At the bottom of the home page, users can click on Send pdf by mail ✉️.

After typing in the email of the recipient, the home page will be shortly available!

Send pdf by mail

To activate send pdf by email ✅, please add:

dashboardPdfEnabled: true