Timeline Tutorials

Step by step tutorial

The user story

I’m a CEO of an important real estate company and wants to have an overview of the major milestones of my company ! ✌

However, what were the main events for the company over the last years ?

What were the main subjects of the achievements in the company ? When did those projects happened ? How can i put in context different figures in different charts with the main events and achievements of the company?

Since I need an overview of the key milestones of my company. Let’s do a Timeline!


Before you start!

Make sure you added your datasource to your application. Once you’re done create a new story.

The dataset

Here is an example of the dataset expected to create a nice Timeline :

date domain headli ne media_sourc e media_type perime ter text
01/01/ 2019 Key Facts Restru cturin g im1 asset Real Estate Delive ry of the two restru cturin g / renova tion operat ions
01/04/ 2019 Key Facts Increa se im2 asset Real Estate Signif icant increa se in gross rents (+1%)
01/06/ 2019 Key Facts Merger im3 asset Real Estate Merger with real estate manage ment compan y
01/09/ 2019 Key Facts Improv ement im4 asset Real Estate Improv ement in the physic al occupa ncy rate of busine ss parks
01/11/ 2019 Key Facts Integr ation im5 asset Real Estate Integr ation of our partne r’s real estate progra ms
01/01/ 2020 Key Facts Odysée 2020 im6 asset Real Estate Delive ry of the new Odysée 2020 real estate progra m

Might seem a little bit difficult ? No worries, I’ll give you some hints to prepare your data 😉

  • headline : is the general subject of the milestone in the company
  • media_source : is the name of your image file
  • media_type : is generally asset, this is where your images are loaded in the app (custom assets)
  • perimeter : is the scope of the milestone
  • text : is the description of the milestone

Pretty easy now , isn’t it ? 😁👍


Don’t forget to give simple names to your images so you can add them easily in your dataset !

Chart Parameters

Once my data has been setup, I just need to follow the steps and in 3 clicks I’m done! ✅

I need at least :

  • a date column - that will be displayed as the dates for your milestones in your Timeline


A date format is expected for the start_date, please create a VQB step to convert your column into a date format:

tuto timeline

tuto timeline

  • a headline column - that will be displayed as headlines for the general subject of each milestone
  • a text column - that will be displayed as descriptions of each milestone
timeline parameters

Another important thing is to take a look at 3 optional parameters:

  • Select the “media_source” column for the “media” parameter
  • Select the “media_type” column for the “media type” parameter
  • Select the “headline” column for the “images legends” parameter
timeline parameters

And you’re done 🎉

timeline parameters