Funnel Tutorials

Step by step tutorial

The user story

I’m an Online Company Director which sell pet food. 🐶

I need to follow the buying process step by step.

Which step weighs the most heavily in the purchasing process? Where is the lowest conversion rate ? At which step we lose clients ?

If I need to observe the correct course of the buying process, let’s do a funnel!


Before you start!

Make sure you added your datasource to your application. Once you’re done create a new story.

The dataset

Here is an example of the dataset expected to create a nice funnel:

Basket 12.0 +5.1
Shipping 8.0 +6.4
Payment 5.0 -1.4
Transactions 3.0 -1.0
Buy 2.0 +2.0

Very simple, isn’t it ? 😉 There is one line per step, and for each one of them there is the % of value corresponding to the step, and eventually an evolution before a previous period.


The chart automatically calculates the conversion rate between each step 🤩🤩🤩


Chart Parameters

Once my data has been setup, I just need to follow the steps and in 2 clicks I’m done! ✅

I need at least :

  • a label column - that will be displayed as the different steps of the process
  • a value column - that will be displayed as the share corresponding to each step
  • and sometimes an variation column - that will be displayed next to the value
funnel parameters