HTML chart Tutorial


⚠️ We will not support the development and maintenance of any custom html made in this chart ⚠️

If you decide to create a specific design/layout/viz or anything in the input section using anything other than plain text, this will be your responsibility.

We support :
  • plain text
  • data availability and usability in the input field
  • image and pdf display

Step by step tutorial html

The user story

I work in sales operations and I would like to check out the latest news of my company to adapt my sales speech.

What are the latest business news? Which content can I find online to dig deeper? What tips/advices are pushed to me by my top management?

Awesome! Appears that there is a chart dedicated just for this : let’s use the html chart

Create the chart

Select the html chart from the dropdown menu, and then just follow along :)

Simply type in your text in the html input field, and voilà! Your html chart displays all the text you needed to polish your sales speech ! Pretty easy, right ? 😁👍

Don’t forget you can use html to format your text, and make it sexy 😎. Visit this website to learn more about html formatting.

html chart

Advanced options

Use data from a dataset

You can complete your speech using any data from a dataset. This will make updates and customization very easy.

Just call columns from your dataset using the templating syntax in the html input field :

<$= my_dataset.column_name $>

Display an image

You can easily display images from your assets using this syntax in the html input field :

<img src="<%= assetUrl('asset_name') %>">

You can also use external images :

<img src="">

Display a PDF

I am a Sales Manager in a big tech company and I would like to give access to my team to some sales material, especially a corporate presentation they use quite often with clients.

Use this syntax in the html input field :

<object data="" width='100%' height='650px' type='application/pdf'>
  <embed src="" width='100%' height='650px' type='application/pdf'></embed>

Replace the below terms by your own :

  • MY-INSTANCE-NAME : should contain your.. instance name 😁
  • MY-APP-NAME : should contain your.. app name 😁
  • MY-PDF-NAME : should contain.. guess… the name of your pdf file you’ve just uploaded into the assets !

Display a video

Use the video embed code and copy/paste it in the html input field and you’re done. You can find this embed code from the share button, and by clicking on embed.