For the lucky ones who already have access to our Learning Management System : Lessonly, you’ll find below the list of all the e-learning modules available. For those who wouldn’t have access yet, please contact your Toucan point of contact to know the modalities for access.

We’re working every day to provide you new content so that you get more and more at ease with our Toucan! Please feel free to provide us your feedback directly in Lessonly using the Ask button :)

Core level

Discover Toucan: create your first app – between 3h and 4h

Discover Toucan, the dos & don’ts of Dataviz, create your first homepage and chapters and stories, publish in production and share your app

Beginner level

YouPrep Exercises – 30 min

  • Learn about the main operations (change column format, group by & filter rows, get unique groups/values, sort values, pivot, fill null values, argmax, argmin, unpivot, hierarchicall roll-up, extract date information, etc.).

Best practices with YouPrep – 30 min

  • Learn about our best practices with YouPrep to optimize your queries and prepare your data in Toucan using prepared dataset.

Killer Visualization – 3h

  • Learn how to create our best visualization (leaderboard with drill, bullet chart, multi-linechart with events, linechart with crossfilter, waterfall with drill, bubblechart with quadrant, mapchart, heatmap).

Requester 1.0 – 45 min

  • Learn the basics on app and story requesters, how to create a hierarchical requester and tips and tricks.

Data Approach in Toucan – 50 min

  • Overview of the data journey in Toucan where you’ll learn how to choose between live and load, get an overview of the different data sources, and understand how to use the scheduler to schedule operations and refresh your data.

Data Model best practices – 30 min

  • Learn about the data model approach and how to create a data model with our tips and tricks.

Connectors & load vs live data – 30 min

  • Learn about connectors: what is it? What kinds of connectors are there? How to set up a load data connection? How to set up a live data connection?

Visibility and permissions 1.0 – 30 min

  • Learn about the difference between visibilities and permissions, how to manage user privileges and groups, and how to set visibilities and permissions rules.

Intermediate level

YouPrep Exercises 2.0 – 1h30

  • Go further with YouPrep and learn about the waterfall step, the compute duration one, the append, the join, the cumulated sum and the statistics.

Killer Visualization 2.0 – 3h

  • Learn how to create even more of our best visualization! (Leaderboard with drill, Linechart with double datasets crossfiltered, Versuschart with requesters & templating, Waterfall with requester, Circular chart with drill and crossfilter, Vertical stacked barchart with line, Heatmap with crossfilter, Mapchart with drill).

Requester 2.0 – 30 min

  • Go further with the Requesters and learn how to set up a simplified date selector, a date range requester in a story, a checkbox requester and how to create dependency between two requesters so that the first one filter the second.

Get Notified – 30 min

  • Learn about what is alerting, notifications and how to create notifications based on events and thresholds.

Visibility and permissions 2.0 – 60 min

  • Go further with the visibilities and permissions and learn how to create bulk users’ rights, how to set-up advanced permissions through user attributes and how to set-up a default view for your end-users.

Live connection – 60 min

  • Learn how to create a live connexion on an API, with parameters in your query and with Snowflake!

Optimization – 60 min

  • Learn about optimization to make sure your application is fully optimized, heavy data transformations, data preparation factorization, performances and mongo indexes.

Industrialization – 30 min

  • Learn about industrialization and why it is key in terms of data management and user management.

Brand it! – 30 min

  • Learn everything about white labelling, how to customize at the platform level, at the application level, customize the font, the DNS and the notifications provider.

Data broadcasting – 30 min

  • Toucan allows you to do everything within the tool and this module aims to show you our data broadcasting features (annotate & share, PDF report, datawall, presentation mode, integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams, etc).

Advanced level

YouPrep 3.0 – 1 hour

  • Master everything about YouPrep, from manipulating columns with templating, to playing with dates and operations like percentage of total, add total rows, rank, top groups and top N row(s).

Requester 3.0 – 45 min

  • Learn how to set up a view selector with multiple views, how to use the VOID syntax to create an “all values” selection for your end-user and how to display the right level of information in a hierarchical system.

Killer Visualization 3.0 – 3 hours

  • Master our most advanced visualizations and learn to create a mapchart with templating & crossfilter, a mapchart with markers & zones, a Waterfall with varying dates, a barchart with crossfiltered tablechart & narrative, a funnelchart with KPI, a linechart crossfiltered with a radarchart, a heatmap crossfiltered with a multi-linechart and a leaderboard with sparklines!

Aside modules

Embedded Analytics – 2 hours

  • Learn everything you should know about Toucan embedded Analytics, from embedding a tile, a story, to configuring a dashboard builder, authenticating your users and dealing with security (public vs private).