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Purpose & Application

This chart is generally used when representing a significant event for an institution or a particular individual.

This chart shows events descriptions and images in a carousel like fashion with a date slider that allows the selection of the date.

📝 For example, I want to see the milestones of my project since the launching date

Toucan USP

Media and communication tool, this is what Toucan is! 📅 Every story has a timeline, a chronology, and is made of a series of events. Use the timeline to properly show it.

Let’s say we are on a Advertising monitoring application, most of your stories are showing advertising results and impacts. Wouldn’t be sweet to have a visual summary of all advertising made?

Easy to configure, just follow the steps from the Studio, and you’re all set. We take care of the design for you 🙌

Remember those nights editing a ppt and having to move/re-align every image and text? Gone 🤩

Easy to use, your users won’t have any trouble navigating thru time with our slick design and mobile display. 🤳

Click here for a live example: Milestones in Toucan Cocotte