Manage Data

Power your apps with data

In “data visualization”, there is data… So you may be interested in how you can feed your app with your data right ?

Here are the steps that your data may go through, from your data sources to the data stories of your app:

  1. ETL:
    • Extract : Add your datasources as domains
    • Transform: Prepare your domains Note: This part is optional and not recommmended. In many cases, you will want to take benefit of your own ETL tools and keep to yourself the transformation of you own data.
    • Load your domains into the Toucan Data Store (our in-memory layer that allows data to be displayed quickly in your app)
  2. Query the data loaded in the Toucan Data Store to display data in your stories:
    • Connect to your data
    • Adjust your data with Mongo queries and postprocess step (python based)

In other cases, you will have the whole necessary infrastructure to query directly your databases without the need of the in-memory layer of Toucan Toco. In which case, there is no data store and the process can be summarized in one step: query your databases to display data in your app stories.

See other sections for more information :