How to :: Enrich a Story


You can enrich stories by adding comments to contextualize data in a Story or improve understanding.

Comments are dynamic : they depend on values of the app report and/or date range .


Say you have an app report with all your customers and a date range. You can add a comment for ‘ACME’ during ‘last month’ and add a different comment for ‘Umbrella Corp’ during the same timeframe.


Comments can be written by the following privileges:

  • Business Specialist
  • Contributor
  • Owner

In order to write comments in an app you have to create an app report and/or a date range.

How to add a comment

Comments can only be added in Production mode. You don’t need to go in Staging to add/edit a comment.

The value of the date range is interpolated to reflect the actual date range it represents. For example, ‘Current Month’ can be interpolated as ’01/01/2022 to 31/01/2022’.


Selecting the same date range preset can result in different date ranges depending on when you write the comment. ‘Current Month’ in March will result in ’01/03/20xx to 31/03/20xx’. ‘Current Month’ in April will result in ’01/04/20xx to 30/04/20xx’.

Add a comment

To add a new comment simply click on the blue button on the bottom left of the Story you want to comment.


Edit a comment

To edit an existing comment you can hover an existing comment and click on the pen icon.

Delete a comment

To delete an existing comment you can hover an existing comment and click on the bin icon.

How comments are displayed

Comments are displayed at the top of Stories. If the Story already has a narrative, you can switch between narrative and comment using arrows on the right.


Display different comments by changing selected values of the app report and date range.

How to display a narrative or comment in PDF Reports

When adding/editing a story in a PDF report you can select ‘Narrative’ or ‘Narrative Comment’ to display these values in the PDF Report.

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