How to :: use “MyFavorites” option


This feature allows you to create your own dashboard where you can save your favorite stories without code or training, which provides fast and easy access to insights so you can make better decisions.

you just need to select some stories or tiles from your application to create a clean dashboard.

“MyFavorites” feature is available from the home action button for any user of the small app.

You can download your dashboard in a PDF format.

You can rename your dashboard and give it a cool name 😎.

Easy layout configuration through drag & drop and resize.

Amazing right 🤩 ?


We can’t share our dashboard or Embed it somewhere. it’s personal 🤫

My favorites dashboard example

Some advice :

Below are some best practices, guideline, cool tips to help you get the best of this crazy feature : 💛 :

One rule! : Don’t forget to push to production stories/tiles before using them 🚨 !

Use significant names : Put significant names for your stories/tiles to make your layout clear.

Navigate freely : Use home requesters as well as the story requesters to navigate through your data.

Dynamic tool :

  • If a date/report selector is configured in the application, it will appear on the left corner of your dashboard.
  • By default the stories are imported with the requesters they are linked to.