How to :: use the presentation mode


From your home page, you can lunch a guided live tour of a Toucan application 👩‍🏫.

A presentation can be led or followed on any device 📱 and can be open to external viewers.

Use cases

You need a tool for real data-driven meeting ?

You can’t stand starting a presentation/demo 30 minutes late because it takes forever to set up the presentation?

You’re re-selling access to a Toucan Application, and you would like to demo it like in real life, with a great user experience?

The presentation mode is made for you 🤩

How it works

Any user of an application can start or join a presentation from the home page.

Presentations can be joined at any time using the presentation’s link or from the application. This link is available from the presentation toolbar once the presentation has started.

Presenters can choose to allow guest viewers to his/her presentation. This mean Presenter can share the presentation link with people that do not have access to the presented application.

During the presentation, the presenter data will be share with guest viewers. For viewers with access to the presented application, permissions will be applied.

At the end of the presentation,

  • Viewers can contact the presenter by email
  • Presenters can download the viewer’s list

Things to keep in mind

  • The presentation mode is only accessible from the home page (meaning you can only start or join a presentation from the home page)
  • The presentation mode only works with the production mode, staging can not be showed during a presentation
  • The presenter cursor is not visible by the viewers
  • The presenter can only start one presentation at a time
  • The presentation mode is not accessible on the old home application
  • The presenter can not switch devices between presentation (start on desktop and continue on mobile for example)
  • If the Presenter is not registered with a valid email (like an SSO id) the contact presenter will not work

Disable presentation at the application level

The presentation can be disable at the application level. Just add the following syntax in your front_config file

presentationModeEnabled : false