How to :: create a small-app

You have 2 mins? Let’s create an app

Go to your instance, and select Create a new app.

In one click, an app is created for you. See this app as a starting pack, you have a landing page, and a line chart already configured.

Just start from there to become a data-driven organization with Toucan.



Demo, the ultimate guide

Please note that by default, you will get a Demo app on your instance.

This small-app contains all the latest configurations of Toucan Toco’s features. From charts’ options to collaborative features and contextualisation options.

This app is updated during every product release, on a weekly basis.

Don’t forget to use this live example 😍



Duplicate an existing app

What’s that ?

We’ve created a button for you to copy a small-app in just a few clicks! It will copy the config, the assets, and the data.


Choose the small-app you want to duplicate and hover the small-app’s title to show the edit menu. From there, choose the duplicate small-app icon.

Duplicate Icon

Type the name you’d like to give to your new small-app.


You can’t duplicate an app with the same URL suffix. In fact, the url is the key of your app 🔑. A good practice is to rename the duplicated app to be able to make the difference between both of them.

Duplicate naming

Duplicate naming

Wait patiently while the small-app is duplicated. Based on the amount of data, the duplicating time can take up to a few minutes.

Duplicate processing

Once the processing icon is gone, you’re all set!