Getting started

What is Toucan Embedded Analytics?

Toucan for Embedded Analytics is a complete workflow to help you build and maintain analytics in your own applications.

We believe that the best products are the best of breed products. At the same time, we are convinced that “Every software company is a data company”. So we want to give to the best of breed software companies a tool to build analytics while remaining strongly focused on their core mission.


  • Work as a team: We believe tech teams can empower their non technical colleagues. They can focus on data modeling and integration, letting user-facing people build your dashboards
  • Build on top of Toucan: Rely on Toucan when it comes to responsiveness, export, design and connect Toucan embeds to your workflows
  • Don’t create complexity for your users: We strongly believe that you should embrace the Data Story Telling way. Build actionnable and compelling stories. If your users don’t need training to understand your analytics, you’ll keep them focus on their missions.
  • Own your data and scale as you need: If you already have an analytics infrastructure, plug Toucan. If not we guide you in the transition from a single production database to the implementation of a scalable analytics infrastructure.

So what does an embed look like? Here is a public embed. At Toucan, we call it a Story because it contains a visualization and its context (commentary, source, …). Read on to understand how to perform authentication, export and customize your embeds.



This is a technical feature intended to be used by developers. The documentation may not be adequate for non technical users. You should be comfortable with HTML and Javascript.