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Purpose & Application


⚠️ The HTML content is sanitized for safety reasons and some tags or attributes are forbidden.<br /> Those forbidden tags and attributes are escaped hence some raw HTML code may be rendered. We recommand not using deprecated HTML tags and attributes (see the

Need to display or format some text in your Toucan application 📝 ? This is the viz to use!

Type text, format it using html, and you can even variabilize your content using templating.

The text chart is appropriate to address communication issues, for instance to share annual financial results, or conduct business reviews.


⚠️ We will not support the development and maintenance of any custom html made in this chart ⚠️

If you decide to create a specific design/layout/viz or anything in the input section using anything other than plain text, this will be your responsibility.

We support :
  • plain text
  • data availability and usability in the input field
  • image and pdf display

Toucan USP

🖼️ Use your application images/assets to custom your text.

Templating is available to make your content dynamic based on your end-user selection 👤.