Stacked Barchart

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Purpose & Application

Good to visualise a breakdown by category for a whole entity. Thus, making it easy to notice the strengths and weaknesses of each subset and their impact on the activity of a department for example.

This chart goes beyond the horizontal barchart or leaderboard as it can be used to compare parts of a same entity. Each bar is an element of the 1st dimension, split between each of the element of the second dimension.

📝 For example, I want the sales by product and see which country is contributing the most to the sales.

Toucan Design Touch

🎨 We choose not to display values when the chart is used in the vertical mode. The width of the bars is too thin to allow a good reading of the values. But don’t worry, values are available from the legend.

Speaking of the legend, we do not offer tooltip like legend because, well, try to use that on mobile… #mobilefirst 🤳

Toucan USP

What makes this chart a killer story?

Automated calculation this chart calculates for you the total for each labels.

No need to have this calculated in your dataset!

Choose the display of the chart! If you’re looking at time information, think of setting this chart to vertical display 🗓️!

We used to display this chart horizontally, but don’t forget that you can also display it vertically!