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Purpose & Application¶

Very useful when you have a lot of different metrics and dimensions to present all together. Indeed, use it to display a mix of quantitative and qualitative information.

📝 For example, I want to see detailed information about my products : reference, images, sold units on stocks, instagram posts etc…

I am a business manager, and I need to sum up all the information regarding my business in 1 chart.

I will use Toucan Toco’s upgraded version of a tablechart with :

  • performance tags on values
  • images
  • clickable url links
  • bulletchart
  • colored tags
  • readable text

Boum : fire 🔥 !

Toucan USP¶

What makes this chart a killer story?

Images illustrate your data with a picture 🖼️ ! An image is worth a thousand words ?

As a marketing manager, I want to see an image of the packaging of the products presented in my performance review in the tablechart.

Url links to go further in the analysis 🌐. They will take you anywhere : in another website or to another chart in the Toucan Toco application.

As a social media manager, I have a review containing the 10 most liked post on instagram. I want to click on the post link to be redirected to instagram and see / read the post.

Tags to categorize the data and related information.

As a social media manager, I want to easily see the posts by social media. Hopefully, the colored tags help me to see which ones are from instagram, facebook and twitter.

Integrated bulletchart to get a better vision of the realized vs target 🎯.

As a social media manager, I want to monitor the total reach vs what was expected.

Compatible and optimized mobile display, read your chart from anywhere!

I just arrived in London, I’m in the cab, I can check my data one last time before the meeting.