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Purpose & Application

Bullet chart is the objective comparison chart or instrument.

📝 For example, if you are setting goals on a sales project, or a marketing team, this is the relevant graph to use.

The vertical bar can be used for the goal, while the horizontal one can be used for the current or ongoing performance.

This chart is relevant in the sense that it shows the progress of the indicator towards a specific goal. You have therefore the ability to compare this measurement to another one and provide a context in the form of performance or rate.

Toucan USP

What makes this chart a killer story?

Compare up to three indicators!

As a Salesperson, I want to follow up my performance compared to my objective and my performance of the previous year.

Color coding helps you identify if you reached your target. Follow up easily the achievement of your objectives. 🎯

As a Sales Manager, I want to verify how objectives have been achieved during the last period.

Sparklines are the variation end-game boss ⚔️. It allows you to show your user a X years / months / whatever evolution as a sparkline on the right side of each bar.

I want to have a global vision of the performance of Bordeaux’s 🍷 shop, right from its opening.

⚖️ Compare the achievement of values at different scales.

As a Sales Manager, I want to verify how objectives have been achieved at country level and region level.

Simple navigation ⛵, just click on a label to explore the performance of the label’s breakdown.

As a Restaurants Manager, I need to follow my global performance (all the restaurants I manage) and if I click on my global perimeter, I have the performance of the different restaurant I manage.