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Purpose & Application

Commonly called the Mario Chart because of the bricks in suspension, the Waterfall is a great way to provide a quick visual into positive and negative changes to a value over a period of time or stages.

📝 For example, what products have been driving my sales up in the last month?

A waterfall chart is easily used to show how an initial value is affected by intermediate values, positive or negative, and then resulting in a final value.

It can reveal the composition of a result.

For example, this chart can be useful to understand the impact of different stores on the overall income of a company in supermarkets.

This chart can also be useful to:

  • Visualize profit and loss statements
  • Evaluate company profit
  • Highlight budget changes
  • Keep track of inventory
  • Compare product earnings

Toucan USP

What makes this graph a killer story?

🚦 Color coding makes it easy to identify best/wosrt performer without even reading the numbers. Plus it can be easily reversed.

In our case I can cleary tell that Europe is performing very well, but France not so good…

Automatically calculated variation between the two points : in value and %, don’t need to have it in your data.

Without asking or doing anything I can see that my revenue increased by 151.6% youhouuuu! Which represents 97 M$

Smooth drill functionality makes it easy on the eye, your user will love it! Add a drill to your watefall to go in a deeper level of detail 🔎.

How easy is it to get the Europe global performance then see the details for each country!

Easily add intermidate totals within your charts.

I’m a financial manager, I want to see the total before taxes and the total after taxes

Compatible and optimized mobile display, get your data anywhere 📱!

I just arrived in London, I’m in the cab, I can check the number one last time before the meeting.

Possibility to add much more info ℹ️ like variation, current value, meta information can help you turn a 5 slides information into just one viz.

No need for footnotes or attachment anymore, everything is right here under my nose.