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Purpose & Application

A barchart shows comparisons among categories.

📝 For example, I want to to analyze the basket size profile of my customers.


Use the barchart for time series when individual observations are more important than pattern detection or distribution.

Keep it simple, do not go over 3 KPIs at once.

Toucan Design Touch

🎨 We choose not to display units on the vertical barchart because the display would be terrible on mobile. But don’t worry, units are available from the legend.

Speaking of the legend, we do not offer tooltip like legend because, well, try to use that on mobile… #mobilefirst 🤳

The barchart is scrollable and will automatically zoom/de-zoom for a better user experience.

Toucan USP

Add groups to go deepeer in your analysis.

📝 For example, I want to compare movies’ budget by type for this year and last year.

Want to see the variation/evolution of your different categories? Add a heatbar that would help you vizualy understand if you’re doing better or worst.

📝 For example, I want to compare countries’ revenue and see if they are performing better than last year.