Leaderboard Centered Average

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Purpose & Application

This leaderboard is ideal for comparing volume or flows indicators, per entity and based on an average.

This chart is good to compare values to a reference (average, previous period, objective, etc.).

📝 For example, on average clients spend 8.2 euros in my store, I want to compare each age group to that average

You can use the average to represent your performance data. It can also be used to compare multiple entities or individuals’ performance, against a precise objective.

Generally, this type of graph is used to study a distribution (gender, age, socio-professional category).

Toucan USP

What makes this chart a killer story?

You want to look at your data under different point of view? Add a sorter to your chart, and focus on what’s important for you : categories, performances, evolution… every analysis is possible !

You want to organize your data following specific categories? Add a pack option to have an instant view of the different types of KPIs you need to study!

You want to get insights about some evolution over time? Add a sparkline option to identify trends within your top / flop performers!