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Purpose & Application

This chart is singular in the sense that it helps correlate volume and variation.

Confront dimensions with different scales (values and %, etc.).

📝 For example, I want to analyze how my BUs sales and margin have evolved”

This chart is not the most difficult in application. As a matter of fact, it is ideal in the sense that, the superposition of the bar chart and the line chart allows the correlation of a volume and a variation.

What is amazing about the barline chart is that it reveals all trends or progress over time, and it can be used to show different categories of data. You can therefore use it to expose a set of continuous data.

This graph is relevant if you want to have two metrics having different value scales : 3% and 3 000 k€.

📝 For example, you can use this combo to analyze your energy consumption over time, while evaluating its evolution.