The Toucan Studio


Toucan Toco is a data visualization platform accessible from any device. From there, end-users can access application focused on a specific subject.

In an application, users get insights nicely presented in stories built for them.

Let’s discover how to create an application with the Studio

What is the Studio ?

The Studio is your work environment as a data storyteller. Being a data storyteller means creating awesome stories for your organization while sharing valuable information.

To create these amazing stories, you’ll do this in a dedicated environment, the Studio.

The Studio is an easy to use guided framework, just follow the instructions in front of you!

Staging vs Production

To be able to use the Studio you must be set up a contributor to the application. The Studio is available only in the staging mode.

At the bottom of your screen, switch to Staging. You’ll see a blue frame appear around the application.


  • This is the version of the small-app the end-users will see.
  • This is the live version of your small-app.


  • This is where a contributor can create content (tiles or stories) for the app.
  • This is like a sandbox version of the application.


Changes made in the staging mode will be available to the end-users only if you publish them! See below how to make your work available to the world 🌍

Switching from production to staging won’t delete your “draft” work, it will still be available from the staging mode ✌️