The Toucan Studio

Let’s start by discovering your working environnement: the Studio

What is the Studio

The Studio is your working environment as a data storyteller. Being a data storyteller means creating awesome stories for your organisation while sharing precious information.

To create these amazing stories, you’ll do this in a dedicated environment, the Studio.

The Studio is easy to use, just follow the instructions in front of you!

Before getting started with creating meaningful stories, let’s first get used to this new tool.

Staging vs Production

To be able to use the Studio you must be a contributor of the application. The Studio is available only from the staging mode.


Changes made in the staging mode will be available to the end-users only if you publish them! See below how to make your work available to the world 🌍

Switching from production to staging won’t delete your “draft” work, it will still be available from the staging mode ✌️

From the bottom of your screen, switch to Staging. You’ll see a blue frame around the application.


  • This is the version of the small-app the end-user will see.
  • This the live version of your small-app.


  • This is where a contributor can create content (tiles or stories) for the app.
  • This is like a sandbox version of the application.

✏️ Exercises

  • Switch to Staging to enter the Studio


Color Scheme

This is where you can manage the color of your small-app. Make this story your own by using your company’s visual identity!

Each color is setup using its hex code.



✏️ Exercises

  • Change a color or two by copy/pasting your own hex code
  • If you don’t have hex code in front of you, just scroll down the menu to select a predefined color scheme


All images, pdf and other custom visual elements of your small-app can be found here.

They are used to customize your small-app. Just drag and drop to update files.

  • Identity assets: these assets are mandatory, they define the identity of your app. Just hover on each tile to discover where the image/logo is used
  • Customed assets: this is where you can add custom assets like pdf or images that you can use to customize stories, commentaries, tiles etc…


✏️ Exercises

  • Change the bg-1 image to update the background of your app. Just drag and drop an image on the bg-1 tile
  • Update the logo-brand-header-2x by droping there your company logo
  • Close the asset menu
  • Refresh your home page, and your images should be updated

📖 Go further and learn More on how to use this menu with this tutorial

Operations & Status

You can complete the two most frequent operations from the spanner icon:

  • Refresh data: Clicking on this you will launch the ETL and the augment process to load and compute data. It will make sure data is up-to-date. This is what we used to call pre-process.
  • Publish: Clicking on this you will make all changes made available to your end users This is what we used to call release to production.

Visit our Toucan Vocabulary section to learn more about all these terms.



✏️ Exercises

  • Just discover this menu, we will get back to it very soon!
  • Click on the green dot to find out the status of your latest operation


This will redirect you to your lovely documentation 💛

You’re in good hands…

✏️ Exercises

  • Keep on reading
  • Move on to the next section: Create a home!

It’s about to get real…