Video tile :: configuration examples

Ex 1 : Embed a video from a platform

Use this video tile to embed a video from Youtube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion. Copy/paste the video URL

id: ""
name: "Toucan Toco"
type: "video"
url: ""

Ex 2 : Video from report selection

You might want to change your video depending on the selected report ! No worries we have a way to do just that :)

Use the following steps :

  • Add a new column in your reports/views dataset. Let’s call it “VideoID” for the example. For each value of your reports/views dataset, add in this new column the ID of the video you want to display.
  • Create a video type tile
  • Change the URL to :<%= %>
  • This syntax is called templating : take a look at our documentation to see how it works :)
  • What you have to know : Make sure you have a “VideoID” column in the dataset containing your reports/views and that the option “Make all column available” is active on your requester configuration (completeObjectMode is on true in code mode).
complete object mode option

The complete object mode will allow you to select values from any of your report dataset column using templating. Your “VideoID” column should contain the exact name of your VideoIDs.

country VideoID
France TmY_8E6WobA
USA tlw_SokMbEQ

There you go :) When you will select a report, the video will change.