How to :: add stars to tile’s title

Tile’s staring

This is how you can display stars in the widget name using the ‘stars’ filter.


For now, the available widgets are:
  • value-dynamic
  • score-card
  • leaderboard

Please see the widgets’ specific documentation for more info on how to use this feature.

Example of widget with stars

Example of widget with stars


In some widgets, you can display a value between 0 and 1 (percentage for instance), as stars next to the tile’s title.

Usually in places where you can write:

name: "some text <$= my_dataset.column $>"

If the value is between 0 and 1 you can use the stars method like so:

name: "some text <$= stars(my_dataset.column) $>"


This does not work if you’ve setup precision to convert your value into %. Instead, use the syntax : <$= stars(my_dataset.column/100) $>

Ex:1 value dynamic tile

Data Sources

Let’s say these are your data :

| rating   |    value    |   label    |
| -------- | ----------- | ---------- |
| 0.3      |      15.3   |  metric    |


name: "Metric <$= stars(my_dataset.rating) $>"
type: 'value-dynamic'
value: "value"
unit: "%"
      domain: "ranks"
      "Retailer name": "France"
      breakdown: "<%= %>"
    field: "rating"

Old home syntax

For the old home, use the following syntax :

name: "some text <%= stars(valueFromDatas) %>"