How to :: navigate with tiles

Tile’s linkTo

Tiles are on your app’s home. Strategic place! Let say you notice something off from one of the tiles, what about clicking on it and find out more?

This is where the linkTo comes! The linkTo option creates a link to a story, another view or date, or even towards an external link.

If a linkTo is setup, a little arrow will appear at the top right of the tile, to invite user to click on it.

tile linkTo


You can configure a simple linkTo directly from the Studio, in the Advanced optional parameters menu.

form linkTo

Link to a story

If you’d like to link a tile to a story, select this configuration type from the dropdown.

story linkTo

There are only one parameter you need to setup:

  • id: type in the story’s id. It can be found in the url of your story
story id

Link to a story with filters or requesters configuration


Switch to code mode to configure this advanced linkTo

Let say your tile redirects to a story, but this story contains filters or requesters and you want your users to arrive on a specific filter/requester selection.

You can add a filters or requesters parameter.

  type: 'slide'
  id: 30002
    filter_column: 'filter_selection'
    requester_id: 'requester_selection'

If your requester is hierarchical you can use the following syntax:

  type: "slide"
  id: "XXXX"
    report: "VALUE_PARENT>>value_child"

Just make sure to replace filter_column or requester_id with the name of the filter column or requester id you wish to filter your linked story with. And replace filter_selection or requester_selection with the wanted value taken by the filter or requester.


If you are using the “make all columns available” option with your requester, make sure to use to also declare the column of the requester’s dataset you want to use like this : requester_id: {   "requester_column": "requester_selection"   }

For example, I want my users to be redirected to a story where the filter is on France. As this information is contained in my country column (also used as the filter), this is how my config should look like:

  type: 'slide'
  id: 30002
    country: 'France'