How to configure the Slack Integration

Adding the Toucan Toco bot to Slack

This step does not require a specific role on the Slack workspace.

Creating the bot

First step is to go to, select From an app manifest and the targeted Slack workspace, then paste the following lines into the YAML manifest.

  major_version: 1
  minor_version: 1
  name: Toucan Toco
  description: Access your compelling data story directly from Slack
  background_color: "#424040"
    home_tab_enabled: false
    messages_tab_enabled: false
    messages_tab_read_only_enabled: true
    display_name: Toucan Toco
    always_online: true
      - chat:write
      - files:write
      - channels:read
      - groups:read
      - mpim:read
      - im:read
  org_deploy_enabled: false
  socket_mode_enabled: false

Installing the bot to the Slack Workspace

Then go to the OAuth & Permissions page and the green Install to Workspace button, and accepts the scopes to allow the bot to send messages. A Bot User OAuth Token has been created, copy it.

Giving access to a channel

The bot is only allowed to see and post messages in channels he has been invited to.

To invite the bot to a specific channel, go into the channel and type /invite @Toucan Toco

Linking the Slack bot with the Toucan platform


This step requires to be a Super Admin of the Toucan platform. If you’re not a self hosted customer, please contact the support team ( in order to make this last step

Go to the Toucan Settings page in the Admin Area and download the instance_settings.cson file. Open the file in any editor and add the following line at the end of the file

slack_token: "Inside the brackets goes the token you copied in the steps above"

Save the file and upload it back to Toucan

If you are interested in this feature, please contact us, we will need to change your instance configuration for it to work.