Radarchart reference

To compare several metrics


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Available in studio

parameters label type optional description choices
domain   array      
fillShapeForSeries   array      
recycleColors Recycle groups colors boolean True (when chart data changes (filters or requesters))  
label   string   Column containing the label of each axis  
zeroBaseline Overwritte default baseline integer True Type in an integer  
defaultSelectedAxis Select a specific axis initially string True Type in axis label (first, last, report or the name of the label)  
showValues Display series’ values on each axis boolean True    
serie   string   Column containing the serie/line  
displayAsParallelPlot Display chart as parallel plot boolean True    
legend Display legend boolean      
commonScale Use same scale for every axis boolean True    
value   string   Column containing the value of each axis  

Only in code mode

parameters label type optional description choices
comment   string      
labelsOrder   oneOf   Select your dataset column  
style   string True    
source   string      
serieStyle   string True    

Code mode sample

charts: [
    "chartType": "radarchart",
    "serie": "",
    "value": "",
    "label": ""