How to :: Lead a Toucan project

An agile methodology

The setup phase of the Toucan Toco application is supported by an agile project management methodology. The project is divided into sessions from 2 to 3 weeks, called iterations. Lifecycle of an iteration

Design first

Toucan Toco is a design first solution: it means that we are providing to our client design oriented stories in fake data. It allows us to be more reactive and agile. Once the design has been validated, client’s data is integrated.

Fake data doesn’t mean fake stories! We use wording and orders of magnitude corresponding to our client. That’s why, we ask for an example of existing reporting and an extract of their data before the Kick Off.

Design first

Design first

To help you creating fake data well templated to create Toucan Toco viz: have a look on Fakir, our fake data generator!

The Project Journey

Look at this schema to vizualize the cornerstones of a Toucan Toco project Project Schema

How to lead a project with Toucan ? Follow the steps in the Project Journey.

We split the board to correspond to the different times of the project (Kick off, Iterations…). You will find the different tasks you need to complete to make your project a success!