Sparklines reference

Represent the trend of a metric with a small line


📖 Find tutorial on the sparklines here.


Only available for:

  • horizontal barcharts
  • leaderboards centered average
  • scorecards
  • bulletcharts


Available in studio

parameters label type optional description choices
value   string   Column containing the line value  
date   array   Column containing the time dimension  
dateFormat Date display format string True Optional. Use d3 time format (like ‘%Y’ to display just years)  
legend   string True Type in a legend  
commonScatter Common scale boolean True Use the same scale for all sparklines (y axis)  
showMissingValues Show missing values boolean True Display missing values as blank/white lines. By default missing values are filtered out to display a continuous line  
prefix   string True Optional. Add a prefix to value display.  
forceLexicalOrder Automatic date ordering boolean True Set to false to force lexical reordering of ordinal dates  

Code mode sample

charts: [
    orderDates: true
    value: ""
    date: ""