Weekly release issued on Thrusday 6th October, 2022.

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Tile Line :: now accepts dates that are years ; default format is now ‘%b %Y’
  • Tile value :: badge icon indicating sentiment can be reversed. e.g. if your costs are going down color can be green while arrow can go down.
  • Embed :: Error message is now more pro
  • Notifications :: notifications button had “slipped” on v3, it is now back to normal

Bug fixes


  • [TCTC-4151] :: PostgreSQL: datetime is giving an error
  • [TCTC-4171] :: Google sheet new connection is in error
  • [TCTC-4154] :: Youprep: refresh failed when null value inside a conditional column
  • [TCTC-3959] :: PDF report: new date selector selection should be applied
  • [TCTC-5105] :: Presentation mode : white label clients now don’t have a toucan toco logo at connexion