Weekly release issued on Thursday 31th March, 2022.


YouPrep™ & Storytelling studio - Flat file instant opening

  • Toucan can now open massive Excel I cannot open on my laptop
  • The preview of my datasource is not frozen anymore

Mapchart No code

You can now set up a basemap wihtout code mode:

basemap no code

basemap no code

New features

Data Storytellers

  • AnyConnect™ :: Hide old google sheets and redshift connectors but still be used in your app
  • Chart :: Mapchart :: Zone wihout code mode for joining your basemap.

Bug fixes


  • Chart :: Mapchart :: Precision in normal legend is applied.
  • Chart :: Leaderboard :: inital sort
  • Toucan :: Requesters :: date range requester GMT vs timezone fix difference.
  • Embed :: DashboardBuilder :: Remove console error of DashboardBuilder.