Weekly release issued on Thursday 28th April, 2022.


Charts - TableChart

  • Increase performance for the tablechart by adding a pagination
new tablechart pagination

new tablechart pagination

Embed - Dashboard builder & MyFavorites - Save as pdf

  • Dashboards are now printable on embeds and MyFavorites
new tablechart pagination

new tablechart pagination

Admin area - Groups Privileges

  • You can find the updated documentation here on how to manage privileges at the group level

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Charts :: Tablechart :: Add pagination for table chart
  • Embed :: Dashboard builder :: Add export pdf function
  • Analytics :: Analytics app update configuration on tiles and story
  • Analytics :: New public analytics
  • Notifications :: Update english version of export email template
  • Admin area :: user management :: New groups privileges

Bug fixes

End-users [TCTC-2477] :: Delete a dataset when a filter has no datasets [TCTC-2244] :: Use correct dark background color for tooltip [TCTC-1900] :: Charts :: Fix legend display for circularchart

Backend Refresh data :: lastUpdate is now in UTC timezone

Spotted bug - Fix in progress


[TCTC-2599] :: Prepared dataset :: Status refresh stay in “need refresh”.
[TCTC-2655] :: Tablechart :: Search is not working on all the data but only on the selected pagination. [TCTC-2684] :: Tablechart :: Export data is based on the current pagination and not all the data.

Bug Fixed


[TCTC-2604] :: Tablechart with filter is working.
[TCTC-2685] :: Tablechart used as a crossfilter chart is working again.
[TCTC-2649] :: Date selector: selected periods are displayed without timezone.