Weekly release issued on Friday 27th April, 2022.


AnyConnect™ - Databricks

Databricks logo

Databricks logo

  • Improvement of the existing connector: New form to set up the connector + Detect automatically if the cluster is shut down, and run it in order to be able to refresh the data
Databricks connector

Databricks connector

AnyConnect™ - Athena

athena logo

athena logo

  • New connector 🆕: Connect to athena list all available data, extract the data
athena connector

athena connector

AnyConnect™ - Anaplan

anaplan logo

anaplan logo

  • New connector 🆕: Connect to Anaplan, list all available data, extract the data
anaplan connector

anaplan connector

Toucan - Languages

  • Translate end-user experience in Spanish
  • End-user translation is equally done for English, French and Spanish translation


New features

Data Storytellers

  • AnyConnect™ :: Databricks connector
  • AnyConnect™ :: Amazon Athena connector
  • AnyConnect™ :: Anaplan connector
  • Toucab :: Language :: Translate toucan in spanish
  • Analytics :: Analytics app update configuration on tiles and story
  • Analytics :: New public analytics
  • Notifications :: Update english version of export email template
  • Admin area :: user management :: New groups privileges

Bug fixes


  • [TCTC-2774] :: Embed :: stories in dashboard are displayed correctly.
  • [TCTC-2662] :: Embed :: safe store access.
  • [TCTC-2715] :: Embed :: fix additional panel display in embed.
  • [TC-2703] :: Story/Tile :: Local variables templates should be hidden until being resolved.

Bug Fixed


[TCTC-2720] :: PDF Report: PDF are now lazily rendered to avoid IP ban


[TCTC-2792] :: Embed: Switch to staging mode when editing a new dashboard


[TCTC-2903] :: Embed : checkboxes filter display in dashboard builder [TCTC-2896] :: Embed : missing initialization of http-client for SDK