Weekly release issued on Thursday 30th June, 2022.


Charts - Tablechart Improvement

  • Compact display:
tablechart compact

tablechart compact

Data - Anyconnect™

  • No more validation error when configuring a connector
data configuration

data configuration

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Charts :: Tablechart :: Add a compact mode to the tablechart
  • Charts :: Tablechart :: Readibility improvement of tags
  • Anyconnect™ :: No more validation error when creating a connector (field name)

Bug fixes


  • [TCTC-2689] :: Home :: fix Background Overlay cut when you scroll to the bottom
  • Date Requester: Replace Last Year by Rolling year (wrong translation)
  • Analytics :: Fix configuration for users in more than one group

Spotted bug - Fix in progress



[TCTC-3189] & [TCTC-3195]: We’ve spotted two issues on the ADMIN AREA >> Users:

  • If you’ve renamed the url of your application in the past, we will not display the logo of user privileges into the admin area: renamed care.

Nonetheless, If you’re downloading the user base working withbulk upload, you will see the privilges given to the user: renamed care bis.

  • Nonetheless, if the url of your app has been renamed, even if you’re giving a contribute or App owner privileges, the user will have access to the application as viewer (only admin could reach the staging mode of a renamed application)

Sorry for the inconvenience, we will keep you updated.

Bug Fixed


[TCTC-3189] && [TCTC-3195] :: Fix user privileges >> url instead of ids.


[TCTC-3005] :: Dataset preview :: Lock timezone to UTC instead of local timezone. [TCTC-3183] :: Embed :: Avoid warning spam due to websocket.
[TCTC-3210] :: Signup :: Forgotten url when creating a small app.