Tile Line

Tile line


Learn More about the line chart here.

Find examples on the tile line here.


Parameter Type Value returned Description
value mandatory string column name containing the value to be represented by the line
date mandatory string column name containing your date field
data/date/format mandatory string describe how your data source date format is structured, e.g ‘%Y-%m’ for ‘2015-12’. See this link for more details.
data/date/selector mandatory string column name containing your date field
datesOrder optional string Custom ordering rule for dates. Specify an array of labels or a column name containing the order.(for example a ‘month’ column containing onth names such as ‘Jan’, ‘Feb’ etc.) based on the values of another column specified to the ‘datesOrder’ parameter (for example a ‘month_no’ column containing integers from 1 to 12)
tickFormat optional string describe how you wish to display dates in the axis ticks. For ex. if you want to display a week number ‘S46’ instead of the default W46’, ` you can use this format: ‘S%W’

Code mode sample

id: "" #do not change this
name: ""
type: "line"
dataset: "my_dataset"
date: ""
value: ""