Frequently Asked Questions

You might encounter those errors during you integration!

“” refused to connect

Local Testing

If you’re testing your embed script in a localhost environment, please check that you have disable CORS on your browser. You can use this plugin if you’re on Firefox and this one on Google Chrome.

Deployed Application testing

You’re in the case where you’re testing in production or have already disabled securities in your web browser in local. First, check if your embed is public or private, going to the Embed Manager in Admin Area.

Embed Manager

Embed Manager

Private Embed

Private Embed

If you have a red cross in the “public” column, your embed is private! You can decide to make it public or begin to implement your authentication workflow.

Unable to retrieve your script

In this case, whether the embed id doesn’t exist or you’re trying to retrieve a private embed and your token is wrong. You can check it via “Check token” feature into Embed Settings.

If your token is valid, maybe it’s your token privileges that aren’t set to right small apps ids.


`staging` isn't accessible with `view` privilege!

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FAQ - Self-Hosted Specificities

You’ll have to set specific HTTP headers in your favorite web server (e.g. Nginx) in order for your embeds to work.


Please note you can not change the headers directly in Toucan Toco containers! You will need to configure it at the SSL reverse proxy level.

Frontend Container Headers

Backend Container Headers

Backend Container environment variable

To enable the creation of embedded dashboards you need to set the following environment variable on the backend container :


Debugging tips

Check that the served static file interpolated the placeholder __API_BASEROUTE_PLACEHOLDER__ properly with the right URL to resolve your backend’s URL.