Exploitation modes


Toucan Toco can be delivered to your end-users in two modes:
  1. As a service (SaaS): We handle all the infrastructure part, you just need to connect to the web address we give you.
  2. Self-Hosted: The server component is installed on your infrastructure, internally to your cloud or infrastructure, by your operations team. You handle, monitor and backup the servers.

While the first one is the easiest and quickest to setup, the second one can be required in very sensitive environments.

All SaaS and Self Hosted approaches are described in the dedicated page

SaaS mode

Because everything is hosted on the Toucan Toco infrastructure, everything is operated by the Toucan Toco team.

More information on our SaaS infrastructure and its security can be found in the dedicated section </it_manager/saas_details/01-saas_infra.html>_

Self-Hosted mode

We’ll provide Docker images with all the detailed installation instructions and examples.

It’s up to your IT team or partner to run, monitor, update and backup the application.